2017 New Boat Fund

Friends and Family of UCD Women's Rowing, 

It has been ten years since UCD Women's  Rowing has seen a new shell enter our boathouse, and in that time our team has transitioned from a university funded program to a student run club organization. This boat will be the first boat purchased by our student run program, and is long overdue! Our mission is to empower strong female rowers, both mentally and physically, to become caring and productive members of society after leaving our beloved UC Davis. With the purchase of a new boat we hope that our fleet will be a reflection of the hard work and dedication each rower has shown our program. With new equipment comes an unparalleled opportunity for gaining speed and pride within our boathouse. If you are able, we would be extremely grateful if you would consider donating to our New Boat Fund, and help the women of UCD Rowing achieve our goal of winning a national championship this year. 

Thank you for your support, 

UCD Women's Rowing

You may also donate by mail!
Checks can be made payable to Women's Rowing at UC Davis and
MAIL TO: Women's Crew, 232 ARC, One Shields Ave, Davis, CA 95616

Other ways to donate:


Signing up with E-Scrip will automatically donate a percentage of the purchases you make at select stores and online toward funding UC Davis Women's Rowing.


1. Sign up online at escrip.com. Enter "Women's Rowing Club at UC Davis" ( ID# 500139906 ) when prompted to select your school or nonprofit.

2. Enter your credit card information, and/or pick a rewards card from the list. You can add more than one card.

3. Earn money for UC Davis Women's Rowing by shopping using the cards and accounts you registered! Every time you use the card(s), E-Scrip donates money to our team.

Check out the list of registered merchants, where the credit card you added to your account will redeem money.