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Come out to show support to UCD Rowing as they race against the best of the best at our regional championship! Conveniently located on Lake Natoma, a short distance from our home port! Live-streaming will also be available!

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San Diego Crew Classic
to Apr 7

San Diego Crew Classic

Support UCD Rowing as they take on one of the biggest regattas of the nation, the San Diego Crew Classic. Tune in on some live-streamed racing and cheer on our crews all the way from home! Link to the live-stream will be posted when available!

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to Dec 7


One of our biggest fundraisers of the year! Our athletes will be taking hour long shifts to erg all day in order to raise money for the team, come out and support!

If you’re interested in donating, please use the source link!

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to May 27


  • Lake Lanier Olympic Park (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

We're in Georgia for our last race of the year!
Chances are YOU are not in Georgia, so here is the link for the livestream.

There is a fair chance of thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday, so we will be racing in time trials instead of heats.

Saturday Racing Schedule:
Varsity 8+ Time Trial @ 7:49AM EDT
Varsity 4+ Time Trial @ 8:17AM  EDT

Varsity 8+ Semi Final @ 1:42PM or 1:48PM  EDT
Varsity 4+ Semi Final @ 2:06PM or 2:12PM  EDT

Sunday Racing Schedule:
Varsity 8+ Petitee Final or Grand Final   TBD
Varsity 4+ C Final or Petite Final or Grand Final   TBD

Please note that all of these times are for Georgia's time zone. California time is 3hrs earlier, but the races should be recorded, so don't feel like you have to wake up that early to watch.

Wish us luck!
Go Ags!



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9:00 AM09:00

Alumni Day

Attention all UCD Rowing alumni! 

Saturday, May 12th is Alumni Day! Swing by the good old Port of West Sac on Saturday to both reminisce with your past teammates and get to know our current team. It should be fun, and light refreshments will be provided.

Thank you to all of the wonderful alumni that even years and decades after graduating from UC Davis continue to support the team!

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to Apr 29


  • Sac State Aquatic Center (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

WIRA is one of the biggest competitions we have during our rowing season! Come down Saturday, Sunday, or both to support UC Davis Rowing!

In total, the women's team will be entering 6 different boats: the V8+, V4+, JV8+, N4+, 2X, and 2-. t's guaranteed to be an exciting, action-packed weekend! 

Saturday Schedule:                           Sunday Schedule:

8:50 AM:    V8+ (Heat 2)                  
11:10 AM:      V4+ (Heat 3)                 8:30 AM:    V8+ Petite Final
12:40 PM:      2- (Heat 1)                    
1:20 PM:      2X (Heat 1)                     

2:20 PM:     N4+ (Heat 1)                   9:40 AM:      JV8+ Final                   

4:00 PM:   V4+ C Final                     11:30 AM:    2- Grand Final
5:30 PM:   N4+ C Final
                                                            11:50 AM:    2X Grand Final

Spectator Information:

Admission) Admission is $10 per person per day, with parking being another $10, so if you plan on coming in person make sure you bring the appropriate amount of cash.

Parking) Parking will be located at the Hartford & Health Net buildings (Gold Point Office Park), and there will be a free shuttle running every 30 minutes for transport to and from the parking area.

Directions) Can be found on the Sac State Aquatic Center website here.

Results) Click here for race results!

Livestreams) Will be available here! Can't come in person? No problem!


Thanks for supporting UCD Women's Rowing!
Go Ags!


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to Mar 25

San Diego Crew Classic

  • 3699 Crown Point Drive San Diego, CA, 92109 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Saturday Racing:

8:56 AM Varsity 8+ (DII/DIII/Club Heat 1)
1st though 3rd to Grand Final, 4th through 6th to Petite Final

Sunday Racing:

8:32 AM Varsity 8+ Petite Final
8:40 AM Varsity 8+ Grand Final

11:48 AM Varsity 4+ (Final only)

11:56 AM Novice 8+ (Final only)

Note)) Sometimes regattas get a little bit ahead of or behind schedule. For real-time race information you can go to this website
You can also type in an athlete's name and the website will give you athlete-specific racing information.

Can't make it in person? Watch the Saturday livestream here and the Sunday livestream here!

Race results, once available, will be posted here.


Spectator Information:

General Admission: $12

Parking: Parking at Crown Point is free on weekdays, but on Saturday and Sunday will be $20

However, you can park for free at Ski Beach and take a shuttle to the main gate.
For google maps directions to Ski Beach, click here.

Saturday shuttle service starts at 6AM and ends at 7PM
Sunday shuttle service starts at 6AM and ends at 5PM

The San Diego Crew Classic is one of our biggest races of the year.
Whether you're at San Diego in person or you're watching at home,
thanks for your support!




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8:00 AM08:00

Aggie Invite

Come show your support Sunday, March 11th as we take on Humboldt, Santa Clara, and Orange Coast College!


Approximate start times:

V8+ : 8am (racing HSU, SCU)
V28+ : 8:05am (racing HSU, SCU)
N4+ : 8:25am (racing 2 HSU, OCC)
V4+ : 9:30am (racing SCU, HSU, OCC)
V4+ : 9:35am (racing 2 HSU, SCU)
N8+ : 9:50am (racing 2 HSU, OCC)

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8:00 AM08:00

Parent and Family Day

Join us for a weekend at the boathouse and see what your rowers have been up to! On Saturday, March 10th, join us after practice for a tour of the boathouse and to meet our coaching staff. There will be an opportunity for family members to hop in a boat and learn to row as well! Light refreshments will be provided. Then return on Sunday to watch us race!

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7:00 AM07:00



noun, Rowing.

an all-day erging extravaganza our rowers participate in to fundraise for our trip to Nationals.

Dear Friends, Family, and Alumni,

We need your help! Every year, our strong women work day-in and day-out towards the season goal of competing on the 1996 Olympic Race course in Gainesville, Georgia to take home the National Championship title at ACRA in May.

On March 3rd, the UC Davis Women's Rowing team will be holding its second annual Ergathon to raise funds to help offset our travel costs to Georgia. Each athlete will erg 4,000 meters, with a total team goal of 120,000 meters.

With your generous donation to the UC Davis Women's Rowing team, you will be both recognizing all of our hard work and assisting us in acquiring the funds we need to build a better, stronger, and more competitive program.

Please consider making a pledge of support to our 2018 Ergathon and help support the continued growth and success of UCD Women's Rowing!

To download the Ergathon plegde form, click here.

For info on how to donate, go to our DONATE tab.

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9:00 AM09:00

Head of the American

Varsity will be racing 2 8+ boats and one 4+ boat.

Our 8+ boats' race will be starting at 2:11PM, and our 4+ boat's race will be starting at 3:11PM.

Head of the American races will also be recorded, so if you can't come to the races in person, no worries!

Note: if you do plan on coming in person, don't forget to bring $10 cash for parking.

Go to the URL below for directions to Lake Natoma and links to the livestreams:



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