Maia Haugaard

Position: Coxswain Height: 5'4" Year: 3rd Major: Psychology Hometown: Diamond Springs

Hobbies: I like to read and learn new things

Why Rowing? I joined rowing to stay active and make friends


Shreya Kandasamy

Position: Starboard Height: 5'7" Year: 3rd Major: Psychology Hometown: Chennai, India

Hobbies: Reading, singing and watching movies

Favorite Athlete: Johnny Weir

Why Rowing? I joined the crew team because I wanted to meet more people and I love being out on the water.

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Claudia Mortyn

Position: Starboard Height: 5'5" Year: 3rd Major: Animal Biology Hometown: San Diego

Hobbies: hiking, kayaking, cooking

Why Rowing? to stay active and to be part of a team


Jessica Manginelli

Position: Port, Travel Coordinator Height: 5’8” Year: 2nd Hometown: Fillmore, CA Major: Biological Sciences

Hobbies: Be with my team mates!

Why Rowing? I love the family that rowing gives you and reaching new limits with my body.


Olivia Walsh

Position: Port, Starboard, President Height: 5'8" Year: 3rd Major: Global Disease Biology Hometown: Oakland, CA

Hobbies: Hiking, petting dogs, watching Netflix, eating, camping, reading

Favorite athlete: Steph Curry

Why Rowing? I rowed in high school and I wanted to have the same kind of community here at Davis. I met the team and loved it!


Rachel Quillen

Position: Port Height: 5'4" Year: 3rd Major: Political Science Hometown: San Mateo

Hobbies: Sleep, run, eat, and row

Favorite Athlete: Michael Phelps

Why Rowing? It was a complete coincidence, but I ended up at the meeting to get info for my friend and ended up deciding that rowing was something I wanted to try out. The next day we were in boats at the pool and I was like - ya I want to do this.


Katie Pratt

Position: Port, Starboard

Year: 3rd

Hometown: Ridgefield, Connecticut

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Meghan Wong

Position: Starboard, Treasurer Height: 5'4" Year: 2nd Major: Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior Hometown: Barrington, Illinois

Hobbies: traveling, reading, hiking, cooking/baking, binge watching CSI, eating

Favorite Athlete: Artemi Panarin

Why Rowing? I wanted to try something outside of my comfort zone that would keep me active and to make use of my mornings. I can get a good workout in while being around super fun people so it's a win-win :)


Kaela Fisher


Position: Port, Starboard Height: 5'4"

Year: 2nd Hometown: Long Beach Major: Undeclared

Hobbies: Play my viola, read, and draw

Favorite athlete: Shawn Johnson

Why rowing? I knew I wanted to play a sport at Davis and I heard rowing was hard-core and so i figured why not try it?


Cinthya Gonzalez

Position: Port, Starboard Height: 5'7" Year: 2nd

Hometown: Escondido

Major: Undeclared-Life Sciences

Hobbies: Sleep

Why rowing? I did cross country all four years of high school and hated it as much as I loved it which is what kept me on the team. As a college student I wanted to try something new, that would give me a similar feeling. What I love about rowing is the feeling of being on a team. I never did any other sport other than cross country and it's pretty independent so having to actually work with other people to achieve something because there's no other way is very different.

Fun fact: I'm an excellent hula hooper.


Abigail Henderson

Position: Port Height: 5'10" Year: 2nd Hometown: Springfield, VA Major: Political science

Hobbies: Dance!

Why rowing? I wanted to learn a new sport and become really, really strong.


Libby Polston


Position: Port, Starboard Height: 5'10" Year: 2nd Hometown: La Jolla, CA Major: Undeclared, College of Letters and Science

Hobbies: Reading, knitting, traveling

Favorite athlete: Kikkan Randall

Why rowing? I love rowing and how my teammates not only support me but also challenge me!

Fun Fact: I grew up in Alaska, but have lived in California since 4th grade


MyLynn Phan


Position: Coxswain Height: 5'4" Year: 2nd Hometown: San Diego, CA Major: International Relations & Community and Regional Development

Hobbies: Arts n Crafts, Outdoor Adventures, Traveling

Why rowing? Although I had never rowed before, I knew that I wanted to once I started college because I had seen really cool pictures and videos of ripped rowers. After I did, I didn’t regret it because I’ve met such amazing people and have fallen in love with the power and grace of the sport. Currently in the process of becoming a ripped rower right now.

Fun Fact: I lived in France for 5 months when I was a baby.


Sanjana Battula


Position: Starboard Height: 5'7" Year: 1st Hometown: India Major: Biological Sciences

Hobbies: Soccer, watching movies and swimming

Why rowing? I decided to join rowing to meet new people and get a good workout in! :)

Fun fact: I'm a trained Indian classical dancer


Victoria Vicuña


Position: Port, Starboard Height: 5'7" Year: 1st Hometown: Stockton Major: Philosophy

Hobbies: Singing, playing guitar, Netflix, hanging with friends.

Favorite athlete: Lionel Messi

Why rowing? I think rowing is an amazing sport that takes a lot of mental and physical strength. I joined the team to be apart of something awesome and empowering. I love being on the team because I feel strong and capable of anything. I love that rowing pushes me past my limits and enables me to do my very best.