Maia Haugaard


Position: Coxswain, Vice President Height: 5'4" Year: 3rd Major: Psychology and Spanish Hometown: Diamond Springs

Fun Fact: I love to fold origami!


Shreya Kandasamy

Position: Starboard Height: 5'7" Year: 3rd Major: Quantitative Psychology Hometown: Chennai, India

Fun Fact: In second grade, I stabbed myself in the face with a pencil


Claudia Mortyn

Position: Starboard Height: 5'5" Year: 3rd Major: Animal Biology Hometown: San Diego

Fun Fact: My favorite Jelly Belly flavor is pear, but I don’t like eating pears because I don’t like the texture.


Jessica Manginelli

Position: Port, Travel Coordinator Height: 5’8” Year: 3rd Hometown: Fillmore, CA Major: Clinical Nutrition

Fun Fact: I live on a farm and have raised sheep and pigs since I was 10 years old!


Olivia Walsh

Position: Port, Starboard, President Height: 5'8" Year: 3rd Major: Global Disease Biology Hometown: Oakland, CA

Fun Fact: My favorite athlete is Kelly Gullet


Rachel Quillen


Position: Port Height: 5'4" Year: 3rd Major: Political Science & History Hometown: San Mateo

Fun Fact: My nickname is Q and that is only a rowing thing


Katie Pratt

Position: Port, Starboard Height: 5’8 Year: 3rd Major: Environmental Science and Management Hometown: Ridgefield, Connecticut

Fun Fact: My roommate is the prez (Olivia)

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 10.51.00 PM.png

Meghan Wong

Position: Starboard, Treasurer Height: 5'4" Year: 3rd Major: Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior Hometown: Barrington, Illinois

Fun Fact: Sometimes I cancel all of my plans to eat burritos in bed with Maddie


Maddie Satre


Position: Port Height: 5’10 Year: 3rd Major: Psychology Hometown: Fresno, CA

Fun Fact: Sometimes I say I can’t go out so I can stay in bed and eat a guads burrito with Meghan in the bed next to me, also eating a burrito


Kaela Fischer


Position: Port, Starboard Height: 5'4" Year: 2nd Hometown: Long Beach Major: Human Development

Fun Fact: I play the viola


Abigail Henderson

Position: Port, Gear Manager Height: 5'10" Year: 2nd Hometown: Springfield, VA Major: Political science

Fun Fact: I love burritos man. Anything wrapped in a warm, flour tortilla just makes my heart happy. Especially if said burrito is from Guads.


Libby Polston


Position: Port, Starboard, Fundraiser Height: 5'10" Year: 2nd Hometown: La Jolla, CA Major: Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity

Fun Fact: I grew up in Alaska and one time almost walked into a moose!


Sanjana Battula


Position: Starboard Height: 5'7" Year: 2nd Hometown: India Major: Biological Sciences

Fun fact: I'm a trained Indian classical dancer


Victoria Vicuña


Position: Starboard Height: 5'7" Year: 2nd Hometown: Stockton Major: Philosophy

Fun Fact: I am Argentinian and speak both English and Spanish


Kelsey Crist


Position: Starboard Height: 6’0'“ Year: 1st Hometown: Sandia Park, New Mexico Major: Biomedical Engineering

Fun Fact: I founded my own A Capella group in my local area!