Kaela Fischer

Position: Port, Starboard Height: 5'4" Year: 1st Hometown: Long Beach Major: Undeclared

Hobbies: Play my viola, read, and draw

Favorite athlete: Shawn Johnson

Why rowing? I knew I wanted to play a sport at Davis and I heard rowing was hard-core and so i figured why not try it?


Victoria Vicuña

Position: Port, Starboard Height: 5'7" Year: 1st Hometown: Stockton Major: Philosophy

Hobbies: Singing, playing guitar, Netflix, hanging with friends.

Favorite athlete: Lionel Messi

Why rowing? I think rowing is an amazing sport that takes a lot of mental and physical strength. I joined the team to be apart of something awesome and empowering. I love being on the team because I feel strong and capable of anything. I love that rowing pushes me past my limits and enables me to do my very best.

Fun fact: I am Argentinian and bilingual in Spanish!


Rita Huang

Position: Port Height: 5'4" Year: 1st Hometown: China Major: Food Science

Hobbies: Running and swimming

Why rowing? Rowing is a completed new sport for me so I really want to try. I like the girls in the team and I had a great time with them. The sunrise is also amazing!

Fun fact: This is my first time being in California!


Kymberley (Kym) Chu

Position: Port Height: 5'1" Year: 1st Hometown: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Major: International Relations

Hobbies: Reading, hiking, visiting museums

Why rowing? I decided to join rowing because I wanted to try a new sport. Also, I like the sense of empowerment and community while being on the team.


Libby Polston

Position: Port, Starboard Height: 5'10" Year: 1st Hometown: La Jolla, CA Major: Undeclared, College of Letters and Science

Hobbies: Reading, knitting, traveling

Favorite athlete: Kikkan Randall

Why rowing? I love rowing and how my teammates not only support me but also challenge me!

Fun Fact: I grew up in Alaska, but have lived in California since 4th grade

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Katy Bailon Leon

Position: Port, Starboard Height: 5'3" Year: 3rd Hometown: Redwood City, CA Major: Political Science

Hobbies: Sleep, Eat, Paint, Read

Favorite athlete: I don't have one, but GO WARRIORS & RAIDERS!

Why rowing? I don't know, seemed fun and something I could possibly brag about. Nobody really rows in my hometown, even though I live next to Redwood Shores which is where the Stanford rowing team practices.

Fun Fact: I dislike swimming or getting submerged in water.... which is fun because in rowing you are surrounded by water.

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Isabel Johnson

Position: Port, Starboard Height: 5'7" Year: 2nd Hometown: Folsom, CA Major: Psychology

Hobbies: I love to read, write, and spend time with friends and family.

Why rowing? After rowing all four years in high school, I decided to take a year off from crew to focus on academics during my freshman year of college. I didn’t realize how much I missed rowing until I walked by the women’s rowing club display at Picnic Day and talked with them about Davis’s program. Seeing how excited they were about the team and how passionate they were about the sport made me realize how much I missed crew. Now, I am proud to say that those inspirational women I met are my teammates and with every 5 AM practice and Saturday race, I am falling in love with rowing all over again.


Madelaine Beaudry

Position: Port Height: 5'5" Year: 1st Hometown: Chico, CA Major: Biological Sciences

Hobbies: Visiting with friends and family, reading, Watching Game of Thrones or Stranger Things!!

Why rowing? Rowing would be a new sport that wasn’t available to me in my hometown! I enjoy the teamwork that goes into rowing and the dedication that goes into every practice


MyLynn Phan

Position: Port, Starboard Height: 5'4" Year: 1st Hometown: San Diego, CA Major: International Relations & Community and Regional Development

Hobbies: Arts n Crafts, Outdoor Adventures, Traveling

Why rowing? In order to stay fit and join a family. Like the necessity of cooperation and interdependence.

Fun Fact: I lived in France for 5 months when I was a baby.

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Erin Ahern

Position: Port, Starboard Height: 5'7" Year: 4th Hometown: Windsor, CA Major: Economics

Hobbies: In my free time I like to bake cupcakes and plan events for my club, Davis Women in Business.

Why rowing? I decided to join rowing because I love being near the water and wanted to join a sport my last year.


Yanely Gomez

Position: Port, Starboard Height: 5'5" Year: 4th Hometown: Delano, CA Major: Psychology

Hobbies: exploring new cities

Why rowing? I get to see the stars and the sunrise every morning while speeding over the water

Fun Fact: I got spit on by an alpaca in the Sacred Valley of the Incas #blessed

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Deepali Ernest

Position: Starboard Height: 5'10" Year: 2nd Hometown: Bangladore, India Major: Biological Sciences

Hobbies: Play the Piano, Guitar, and draw/paint

Favorite Athlete: Lebron James

Why rowing? I wanted to try a new sport (Use to do Basketball and Tennis all through middle school and high school). Joining rowing was truly the best decision I made because it is so different from the other sports I've played, and the people on the rowing team are simply amazing (:


Jenan Lu

Position: Port Height: 5'2" Year: 1st Hometown: Saudi Arabia Major: Biological SSystems Engineering

Hobbies: work on bikes

Why rowing? Competition, and team spirit


Shaelin (Shae) Green

Position: Coxswain Height: 5'2" Year: 1st Hometown: Santa Rosa Major: Undeclared

Hobbies: Share, listen and sing (poorly) to music; spend time with friends, family, the dogs; doodle, draw, paint (mostly animals); write poetry; read the news; drink too much coffee (lattes and mochas); explore on walks or hikes; google search for hours (knowledge is power)

Favorite Athlete: Maya DiRado

Why rowing? Coming to Davis, I was looking to join a sport. I wanted that sense of teamwork, belonging, and of course, fun! I am always up for a challenge and saw that no experience was required for rowing, so I thought I would try something new and sign up. Since then, I've really enjoyed being on the team because there is absolutely nowhere else I could get an experience like it and be able to share it with such amazing people -- my new family away from home.

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