Teamwork, commitment, and grit—that’s what this year’s UC Davis Women’s Rowing Team say a power ten means to them. They are excited to train, race and win but also need to raise the necessary funds to sustain a competitive club program. The team is poised for growth and building future success: with two eights of strong varsity rowers, two eights of promising novices and no graduating seniors. 

To meet the needs of this growing program, the team is reaching out to you, the alumni. Whether you are a recent alumni or haven’t stepped foot in a boat in years, we think you too learned about teamwork, commitment and grit on the team. You helped build the foundation upon which the program currently grows and now we’re asking you to pay it forward to help serve the next generation of female rowers.

As a club sport, rowers’ dues are not enough to fund everything. From regatta expenses to replacing aging equipment to coaches’ salaries, the team must rely on the support of alumni, friends and family to fund program costs.

 This year, in conjunction with the UCD Women's Rowing Alumni Board, the team is launching a new: "Power Ten" Campaign.  The Power 10 Campaign highlights the communal effort of keeping the rowing program strong. As you know, a power ten asks every athlete in a boat to dig deep and push together to go  beyond what they thought possible. The Power 10 signifies coming together to show dedication to one’s teammates with a “I am pulling for all of you” attitude.

We are asking each alumni to commit to the Power 10 Campaign. 

When 50 alumni pledge $10 dollars/month or a one-time $120 gift, we raise $6,000 for the team—enough money to refurbish the team's four Resolute eights back to prime racing condition to compete successfully against other teams.

When 100 alumni pledge $20 dollars/month or a one-time $240 gift, we raise $24,000 for the team—enough to cover the cost of replacing rapidly decaying docks at the Curt Rocca boathouse, integral to getting out on the water every day. 

Automated monthly and one-time donations can be made via PayPal below. The team receives 100% of any gift made via the team's PayPal account but these gifts cannot be deducted from taxes.

If you would prefer to make a tax-deductible gift through the University, 6% of the donation will be recouped by the University and you will receive a tax receipt.

Yes! Rowing at UC Davis made a difference in my life. I will commit to the Power Ten Campaign.

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Power 10 Campaign Donation (Monthly)